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Lurid visions and strange frequencies from another realm both plague and fascinate an introspective child through her adulthood.

Here is my short film Abyss, finally public online after several screenings in the US & Canada, and most recently winning Best Film at the 30Under30 Festival in NYC! I’ve been so humbled by all the warm responses to my film; the biggest reward of filmmaking is when someone tells me they’ve been moved by the story and somehow identify with this haunted girl.

This film was very personal and cathartic for me, coming from a very vulnerable state right after my mother Claire passed away. I couldn’t have made Abyss without all you beautiful people who follow my blog and support my art, and everyone who generously donated to my Kickstarter campaign. I love this film deeply and I hope you enjoy its odd, dark magic as well. Thank you!!!

Hi everybody!! Please take a moment to watch my new music video I directed for the immensely talented Paula Cole, starring my beautiful sister Blaise. This was a really fun project and so many awesome people were involved, like amazing artists Emily Bragg, Jane Mai, Evelyn Lieu, & Anna Chapman. Also keep your eyes peeled for the I’m Your Present accessories, in the scene shot at Shop at BananasI’ll be making gifs from this for a while hahaha.

Strong beautiful ladies, here is your new power song image I hope you like my video!


I’ll be releasing my newest video project really soon!!! For the past month I’ve been shooting & directing a music video for Grammy award-winning artist Paula Cole’s song “Strong Beautiful Woman”, from her new album, Raven. I also got the opportunity to work with my gorgeous little sister Blaise again, you might recognize her from my short film Moira & Me a few years ago image Anyway I hope these previews stir up some excitement. Strong Beautiful Woman is almost here!

I just wanna post it to my personal blog too & say thanks everybody for all the love! It’s been an awesome experience working with Paula and I’m so excited to finish up this fun, sweet video image

via: darian-brenner ✄ source: darian-brenner

in case you didn’t cry from cuteness today, here’s a video of my hamster Tiny (o*゜∇゜)o~♪♪ i could stare at him forever

the song is “Building Castles in the Sky” by Lullatone

do you like babies? how about zombies!? i shot this kickstarter promo video for the Zombabiez campaign that just launched today! it’s a really fun project and i’m so happy with how the video came out too, so watch the video, spread the word, donate, get pregnant, do watcha gotta do to be a part of this dope baby costume movement!

The festival announced the programs so I know which night I’m screening! It’s a whole horror/scifi/midnight shorts program from 9pm~11pm, the lineup looks AWESOME and mine is screening first! I’d be soooo excited if any of you guys near Toronto would want to come image I don’t know what the general admission prices will be but I’m sure you can find more info soon on Female Eye’s website and you can message me too if you’re and I’ll try to keep everybody updated. I’ll be in Canada that whole week before my screening so if you can’t make it I’ll still be in the area if anyone wants to find me and say hi!!! image

i just finished my demo reel! it shows pieces from the film, video, and puppet-animation projects I made over the past 2 ½ years.

music: “Urban Twilight” by Grimes

i’m giving the link/password for my thesis film, Abyss! i’m keeping it exclusive to my followers for now, just send me a message if you’d like to see it :D

this is the freakiest clip i shot last night

tumblr, I need your help! I just launched a Kickstarter to fund my film project for my senior thesis at RISD, working title “Abyss.” This video is my Kickstarter promo, it’s me talking about the project in my own silly way.

If you enjoyed some of my other projects like Moira & Me, Tellulah, Hypnagogia, and my recent project Peppermint Stalks

Please take a moment to check out my Kickstarter page and consider pledging a small donation to be involved in my newest project! Every little bit counts, and I’m giving rewards for donations as small as $5, including promotions on Tumblr, limited edition DVDs of the film, and original artwork by me!!

If you can’t make a donation, maybe try to spread the word and create some hype for this film! I’m hoping to raise at least $5,000 by January 30th, and Kickstarter has an all-or-nothing policy.

Thanks for all the love & support you guys! It means the world to me that my crazy ideas have an audience on tumblr with all you cutesy creeps and ghouls.

Peppermint Stalks

Mr. Mint is a sensitive peppermint lumberjack in Candyland who has been somewhat confined to his home all alone because of a blizzard that has been waging outside for a very long time. To make him feel less lonely, he has begun constructing a candy friend to keep him company, using any materials that he has access to. My final for Intermediate Stop-Motion, Fall 2011

Anonymous asked:

“I was looking through your videos on vimeo and wanted to know more about your Hypnagogia. What inspired you to make this? And the guy in the video is hot Is he your boy toy?”

✄ ✄ ✄

there’s a lot of reasons why i made Hypnagogia… it’s such a personal video, working on it was so stressful because of how personal it was, and i end up feeling that way with most of my projects with a lot of compositing, because i have so much control over the environments that they end up becoming lenses into the deepest depths of my psyche, hah

i had this kind of sexual awakening i guess, as weird as that sounds, and that was my main inspiration but i didn’t even realize that until i was almost done with it.

i never notice it at least until halfway through post-production,but in a lot of my projects i see myself in all of the characters and they are all very deeply personal. in Hypnagogia i find myself relating to both the “succubus”—dominant, confident, rough sexual deviant who knows what she wants—and the role of the uninspired artist who is submissive, and found inspiration from encounters with the succubus but somehow loses a piece of himself and who he was before. i hope this gives you some insight, it’s kind of hard for me to talk about.

and yeah my friend Mackenzie is really hot hahaha (and such a talented painter/filmmaker omfg and stylish and funny he’s great), he’s not my boy toy though just a good sport/great friend hahah

Anonymous asked:

“Sorry if you've already been asked this (I just came across your amazing blog), but, if you know and would like to tell, what happens to Tellulah ~after~?”

✄ ✄ ✄

i think her stomach bursts and hundreds of big blue-eyed spider monsters crawl out and eat her alive. either that or she has an abortion at the monster abortion clinic in the monsterverse, but gets pregnant again a few months later and she inevitably gets eaten alive by her monster babies somewhere down the line

my first attempt at claymation ever, be gentle! hahaha

it was a synced mouth exercise, and of course i was the only moron in the whole class who didn’t use replaceable mouths so my puppet was all messed up by the end.


A really cheesy group project from 2009 with Martín Gutierrez and Greg Kozatek. It was so much fun to make, I wish the original footage still existed so I could revisit it and tighten it up. I make a cameo from back when I had pink hair, but I also was a stand-in for one of the transformation shots, can you guess which one?? 


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